2017 - VRue360

SKtelecom’s autonomous car was relayed to 360° Video in real time.

VRUE360, along with SK Telecom, performed live broadcasting the 5G demonstration event conducted at ‘K-City, the experimental self-driving city’. 6 cameras were installed on the roof of a self-driving car. With our own technology, we successfully relayed the view outside around the driving car live. VIPs came to the event responded positively to the live-broadcasting


Live VR Video at Genesis CHAMPIONSHIP

The KPGA Genesis Championship was held from 21 to 24, September. Using SK Telecom’s Vcase live broadcast server, we could bring live 360° VR video of the Championship contest into reality. Thanks to VRUE360, viewers were able to watch players teeing off at holes 1 and 13 with VR headset.


2017 Baseball Club Opening Ceremony, SK Wyverns

The 2017 KBO professional baseball opening game was held at SK Munhak Stadium, Incheon. 2 sets of cameras, along with VRUE360, were installed at the outfield of base 1 and 3 each. We placed a Galaxy Gear VR set at the outfield of base 2 and let the crowds to experience real-time 360° VR with